Midwest Industries MICRPC9 Combat Ruger PC9 M-Lok Handguard Black Hardcoat Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum 12″


What’s included:

  • Midwest Industries MICRPC9 Combat Handguard for Ruger PC9
  • Mounting hardware
  • 5-Slot polymer M-Lok rail


Introducing the Midwest Industries MICRPC9 Combat Handguard! Specifically designed for the Ruger PC9, this accessory amplifies your carbine’s tactical efficiency, aesthetics, and comfort.

What makes the MICRPC9 stand out is its lightweight design. Not only does it make your Ruger PC9 more portable, but it also ensures your carbine remains balanced during operation. Moreover, its slim profile reduces bulk, enabling easier and more comfortable handling.

The handguard’s 6061-T6 aluminum construction promises durability and resilience. Whether you’re at the range or out hunting, this handguard is built to last. Plus, the black hardcoat anodized finish adds a sleek, professional touch to your rifle.

Boasting three integral anti-rotation QD sling sockets, the MICRPC9 offers easy sling attachment. Transitioning from carrying to ready-to-fire has never been easier.

The handguard also features eight sides of M-Lok. It gives you the flexibility to attach accessories where you need them. Customize your rifle to suit your preferences and needs.

What’s more, the MICRPC9 is a free-float handguard. By not touching the barrel, it ensures your shots remain accurate by minimizing the impact of handguard-induced stress on the barrel.

Above all, safety is paramount. That’s why this handguard is fully dehorned and deburred. No sharp edges mean reduced risk of injury, particularly when you’re in the heat of action.

Included in the package is the mounting hardware and a 5-Slot polymer M-Lok rail. Everything you need for a quick, hassle-free setup is right there.

In a nutshell, the Midwest Industries MICRPC9 Combat Handguard is a valuable upgrade for your Ruger PC9. Enhance your shooting experience today!

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