Pachmayr 02500 Signature Grip Wraparound Black Rubber with Backstrap & Finger Grooves for Beretta 92FS, 96FS


The Pachmayr 02500 Signature Grip Wraparound offers enhanced control and comfort for Beretta 92FS and 96FS. Featuring a patented full wrap-around design, black rubber construction, built-in steel inserts, and backstrap & finger grooves, it ensures an improved shooting experience.

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Pachmayr 02500 Signature Grip Wraparound for Beretta 92FS, 96FS

Elevate your firearm handling with the Pachmayr 02500 Signature Grip Wraparound. Designed specifically for Beretta 92FS and 96FS, this grip enhances your control, feel, and overall shooting experience.

Patented Full Wrap-Around Design

The signature feature of Pachmayr grips is their patented full wrap-around design. This design enhances the ergonomic feel of your pistol, providing a secure hold and increasing control. It allows for the best possible interaction between you and your firearm, improving your handling and precision.

Quality Black Rubber Construction

Constructed from a rubber compound specially formulated for semi-automatic pistols, the Pachmayr 02500 Grip delivers unmistakable Pachmayr quality. The rubber provides a soft, yet firm grip, reducing slipping and improving your shooting accuracy and speed.

With Backstrap & Finger Grooves

This model includes a backstrap and finger grooves, which further improves your grip on your firearm. The finger grooves are intuitively positioned for optimum control, while the backstrap provides extra support and comfort.

Built-In Steel Inserts & Maintains Shape

Built-in steel inserts ensure the grip maintains its shape even under heavy use. This robust construction ensures your Pachmayr grip will last, providing reliable performance for a long time.

For Most Popular Semi-Automatic Pistols

Pachmayr Signature Grips are available in the widest variety of models for most of the popular semi-automatic pistols. This ensures you can find the right grip for your specific firearm and its anticipated use.

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