Pulsefire Flamethrower CA Version – Backpack Sold Separately

Pulsefire Flamethrower CA Version – Backpack Sold Separately


Experience the ultimate outdoor tool with the Pulsefire Flamethrower. Built tough with durable materials, it runs on gasoline or gas/diesel mixture and has a high-frequency electric arc ignition with a fan-type nozzle. With a typical reach of less than 10 feet, this flamethrower is perfect for camping, hunting, and more!

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Pulsefire Flamethrower – CA Version

Instantly generate a stream of fire with the press of a button.

Introducing the Pulsefire Flamethrower – the ultimate outdoor tool for those who demand heat! This flamethrower is built tough, with primary aluminum, Viton, and brass materials, making it durable and reliable. The powder coat finish gives it a tough, industrial look that screams tank levels of toughness.

With the ability to use gasoline or a gas/diesel mixture as fuel, this flamethrower is designed for convenience and ease of use. Simply unscrew the cap, pour in the fuel, and you’re good to go. Plus, when the battery gets low, it’s easy to charge or swap it out for a spare to keep the heat coming.

The Pulsefire Flamethrower is equipped with a high-frequency electric arc ignition and a fan-type nozzle, delivering intense heat with a typical reach of fewer than 10 feet (California legal). The 0.35-gallon fuel capacity means you’ll be able to keep the flames going for longer.

Whether camping, hunting or wanting to have fun, the Pulsefire Flamethrower is the perfect tool for creating warmth and excitement. So why settle for ordinary outdoor tools when you can have the Pulsefire Flamethrower | CA Version?



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