Riley Defense Inc RAK102 RAK-47


What’s included:

  • Riley Defense Inc RAK102 RAK-47 (7.62x39mm)
  • Polymer butt stock
  • Upper and lower handguards
  • Polymer pistol grip
  • 4150 Nitride Barrel (16.25″)
  • Heat-treated mil-spec stamped steel receiver
  • Machined scope mount side rail
  • Adjustable front and rear sight
  • Bolt hold open safety lever
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Introducing the RAK102 RAK-47 from Riley Defense Inc! Crafted meticulously in the USA, this modern spin on the timeless AK-47 platform is the perfect amalgamation of performance and style. Sporting the powerful 7.62x39mm caliber, this beast is ready for any challenge you throw its way.

First off, the RAK-47’s compact size, with an overall length of just 35.25″, is built to assist in maneuverability. The shorter length doesn’t mean a compromise on quality or performance. Instead, it’s a showcase of what American ingenuity can achieve.

The RAK-47 comes with a robust polymer butt stock designed to withstand the roughest usage. The butt stock’s ergonomic design ensures you maintain a comfortable and firm grip, no matter the situation.

Also, its upper and lower handguards – crafted from the same sturdy polymer material – keep the rifle cool during rapid fire. So, you can trust the RAK-47 to stand strong in even the most heated situations.

This rifle features a 16.25″ 4150 Nitride Barrel that boasts longevity and durability. Ensuring a long service life, the barrel comes equipped with a 14×1 LH thread.

Encased within a heat-treated mil-spec stamped steel receiver, the RAK-47 embodies resilience and longevity. The black oxide finish adds a touch of sleek elegance to its tough build.

Providing added convenience, the RAK-47 includes a machined scope mount side rail. This lets you customize your optics, thereby adding precision to your shots.

With adjustable front and rear sights, it’s all about accuracy. And, to ensure safety, there’s the bolt hold open safety lever that enhances overall handling.

To sum it up, Riley Defense’s RAK-47, in a sleek black design, offers a blend of comfort, reliability, and top-notch performance. You’ll find it hard to beat, whether it’s on the range or in the field.

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