Rise Armament’s Rave PCC: The Next-Level Trigger


Upgrade your firearm with the Rise Armament Rave PCC Flat Trigger. Designed for reliability and performance, it’s a game-changer for your AR-Platform.

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Step into the future of trigger design with the Rise Armament T017FPCCBLK Rave Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Single-Stage Flat Trigger. This isn’t just another trigger – it’s a vital upgrade for your firearm.

The Rave PCC Flat Trigger is rooted in reliability. Whether you’re in a competition or a self-defense situation, this trigger is your reliable ally. It’s based on the original Rise Rave 140 Trigger, a model renowned for its dependability.

But this trigger isn’t just reliable – it’s also a performance powerhouse. It features an enhanced hammer that takes the operation of your AR9 to new heights. This specially designed hammer is built to withstand the powerful impact of a PCC’s blowback system.

As part of the extensive lineup of Rise triggers, the Rave PCC Flat Trigger is the next evolution of the Rave 140 series. It’s an affordable upgrade that drastically improves your PCC’s reliability and performance.

And let’s not forget the finish. This trigger comes with a Black Nitride finish, ensuring durability and resistance against wear.

What’s Included:

  • Rise Armament T017FPCCBLK Rave PCC Flat Trigger

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