Spikes STLS024 PHU Joker Stripped Lower Receiver Multi-Caliber 7075-T6 Aluminum Black Anodized for AR-15


Build your AR-15 with a touch of personality using Spikes STLS024 PHU Joker Stripped Lower Receiver. Robust, versatile, and eye-catching – it’s the start to a unique firearm.

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Spikes STLS024 PHU Joker Stripped Lower Receiver: Tailor Your AR-15 Your Way

Breathe new life into your AR-15 with the Spikes STLS024 PHU Joker Stripped Lower Receiver. Crafted to the utmost standards, this lower receiver serves as the perfect canvas for your custom firearm build.

Constructed from robust 7075 T6 aluminum, this lower receiver offers strength without the weight. It’s all about lasting performance.

Do you like choices? The multi-caliber support caters to various ammunition types, providing the flexibility you need.

Dressed in a black hard coat anodized finish, this lower receiver not only looks sleek but stands up to harsh conditions. Low shelf design and RDIAS compatibility? Check and check.

And the cherry on top? A PHU Joker logo. It’s not just a stripped lower receiver; it’s a stripped lower receiver with style.


To complete your custom build, you’ll need a lower parts kit, buffer, and stock of your choosing.

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