Stealth Arms 1911 Phantom Jig Used For Completing 1911 80% Frames


Due to recently changed ATF regulations, we cannot legally ship our 1911 Phantom 80% frame cutting jig with a 1911 80% Frame on the same order. The 1911 Phantom Jig and 80% Frames must be purchased on our website as two separate items so we can stay in compliance with the new regulations. You cannot order an 80% Lower and jig-related products at the same time.

Introducing the 1911 Phantom Jig: The Ultimate DIY Solution for 1911 80% Frame Completion!

Transform your 1911 80% frame into a fully-functional firearm without breaking the bank on expensive milling machines! The 1911 Phantom Jig is here to revolutionize your DIY experience.

Our premium jig kit includes three essential components: a cutting “car,” two long side plates, and powerful carbide cutters designed for precision and durability. These unique carbide cutters are employed to perfect the slide and barrel set in your frame, delivering exceptional results every time.

The two long side plates act as a guide, ensuring your cutting “car” moves effortlessly and accurately as it works its magic on your 1911 frame side rail. With a simple back and forth motion, the carbide cutter shaves off layers until your rail is complete.

Why Choose the 1911 Phantom Jig?

✓ Fastest method for completing a 1911 frame
✓ No milling machine is required
✓ Comprehensive kit with all necessary drill bits included
✓ Pre-installed carbide cutters for your convenience
✓ Step-by-step YouTube video tutorials available for easy guidance
✓ Compatible with all 1911 Stealth Arms frames ✓ Proudly made in the USA

Special Notes:

For steel 1911 frames, we recommend purchasing additional carbide cutters, as steel is tougher than aluminum. Always educate yourself on your state and local laws regarding firearm assembly – we encourage responsible DIY practices.

Tools Required for 1911 Phantom Jig:

  • Bench Vise
  • Drill Press

Your Comprehensive Kit Includes:

  • Instruction Booklet
  • Jig Side Plates
  • Jig Cutting Car
  • .110 Drill Bit
  • .157 Drill Bit
  • Carbide Rail Cutter
  • Carbide Barrel Seat Cutter
  • Locating Pins
  • Spacer Block
  • Fastening Bolts

Unlock your inner gunsmith and elevate your DIY experience with the 1911 Phantom Jig – the ultimate solution for completing your 1911 80% frame with ease and precision. Order now and bring your custom 1911 to life!