Strike AKSFG Simple Featureless Grip AK Platform Black Polymer


The Strike Industries AKSFG Simple Featureless Grip offers a durable and comfortable grip for AK platform firearms, specifically designed for use in feature-restricted jurisdictions.

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The Strike Industries AKSFG Simple Featureless Grip is a superior accessory designed to enhance the user experience of AK platform firearms, particularly in feature-restricted jurisdictions. This grip is modeled after the contour of Strike’s popular Enhanced Pistol Grip, providing optimal comfort and control while preserving legality in restrictive areas.

Constructed from durable, reinforced polymer, the AK Simple Featureless Grip is robust and hard-wearing, ensuring a long service life even in harsh conditions. It is fully ambidextrous, accommodating both left and right-handed users seamlessly. The grip requires no permanent modification to the receiver of your host system, making it a convenient and easily reversible addition to your firearm.

Whether you’re navigating restrictive regulations or simply desire an ergonomic and ambidextrous grip, the Strike Industries AKSFG Simple Featureless Grip is an excellent choice for your AK platform firearm.

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