Strike AR15SHIFTC Shift Pins Quick Detach AR-15 Chrome Steel


In Your AR15SHIFTC Shift Pins Package:

  • Quick Detach Shift Pins (Chrome Steel)
  • Extended Grip Surface
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Strike AR15SHIFTC Shift Pins: Quick Detach AR-15 Chrome Brilliance

Introducing Strike’s AR15SHIFTC Shift Pins. With its superb chrome steel craftsmanship, your AR-15 is in for a performance boost. Empower your rifle with the right tools.

Strike’s Shift Pins aren’t your ordinary pins. They boast an extended grip surface. Forget the pin punch; disassembling your AR-15 has never been this easy.

Strike takes innovation up a notch with a Quick Detach mechanism integrated into these pins. There’s no need to remove your stock assembly. Rifle maintenance at the speed of light.

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