Strike AR15SHIFTG Shift Pins Quick Detach AR-15 Gold Steel


In Your AR15SHIFTG Shift Pins Package:

  • Quick Detach Shift Pins (Gold Steel)
  • Extended Grip Surface
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Strike AR15SHIFTG Shift Pins: AR-15 Quick Detach Power

Say hello to a swift and efficient rifle experience with Strike’s AR15SHIFTG Shift Pins. Crafted from top-grade gold steel, these pins ensure durability and smooth operation. The upgrade your AR-15 deserves.

The innovative design of Strike’s Shift Pins offers an extended grip surface, so you can disassemble your AR-15 with ease, no pin punch required.

These pins aren’t just any pins – they come with a Quick Detach mechanism. You won’t need to remove your stock assembly, speeding up the process while maintaining the integrity of your rifle.

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