Strike AREPTPBK Takedown/Pivot Pins Extended AR-15, M4, M16 Matte Black Steel


Transform your shooting setup with the Strike AREPTPBK Takedown/Pivot Pins. Ideal for shooters who use multiple upper receivers off one lower. Made to fit most AR standard and billet receivers. Level up your custom look.

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Meet the Strike AREPTPBK Takedown/Pivot Pins, your go-to for a custom look and functional utility. These extended pins are the perfect fit for your AR-15, M4, or M16. It’s more than an accessory, it’s a shooting companion.

These extended pins are the dream of shooters who use multiple upper receivers off a single lower. They provide unrivaled convenience. So, you can switch up your setup with ease. Swapping has never been simpler.

Whether your receiver is a standard or a billet, this pin set fits most of them. With their matte black steel finish, they don’t just offer a custom look but also offer robust durability.

The Strike AREPTPBK Takedown/Pivot Pins are your key to an enhanced shooting experience. They’re not just pins; they’re your shooting allies.

What’s in the box?

  1. Strike AREPTPBK Takedown/Pivot Pins (Extended)
  2. Installation guide
  3. Quality assurance certification

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