Strike ARSFG Simple Featureless Grip AR-Platform Black Polymer


The Strike ARSFG Simple Featureless Grip is a grip that’s about simplicity and convenience. Perfect for feature-restricted jurisdictions, it requires no permanent modification and is made from durable, reinforced polymer. Tailored for the AR-Platform.

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Simplicity Meets Functionality

Meet the Strike ARSFG Simple Featureless Grip – an upgrade that marries simplicity and functionality. Crafted for the AR-Platform, it’s designed to bring your firearm to new heights.

Contoured for Your Convenience

The Simple Featureless grip takes a cue from the Enhanced Pistol Grip, mirroring its contour for a comfortable, ergonomic experience. It’s about enhancing usability while adhering to feature restrictions.

No Permanent Changes

Don’t worry about making irreversible changes to your firearm. The Simple Featureless Grip needs no permanent modification to the receiver of your host system. Enjoy enhanced functionality without any hassles.

Reinforced Polymer: Durable and Dependable

Constructed from durable, reinforced polymer, the Simple Featureless Grip is designed to withstand the test of time. It’s an accessory you can rely on.

Perfect for Restricted Jurisdictions

If you’re in a feature-restricted jurisdiction, this is the grip for you. It complies with restrictions, allowing you to enhance your shooting experience without any legal worries.

What’s Included?

  • Strike ARSFG Simple Featureless Grip

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