Strike ARSSFLIPFD Flip Switch 60/90 Degree AR Platform Flat Dark Earth Aluminum Ambidextrous


Redefine convenience with the Strike ARSSFLIPFD Flip Switch. Lightweight, ambidextrous, and designed for positive engagement. It’s a whole new era for your AR platform. Upgrade today!

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Flip the Script: Welcome the Strike ARSSFLIPFD Flip Switch, tailored for the AR platform. A model of compactness, lightness, and efficacy.

For Every Shooter: Ambidextrous safety redefined. This flip switch caters to both left and right-handed marksmen. Enhance your shooting experience, regardless of preference.

Comfortable Control: Designed for positive, comfortable engagement and disengagement. The flip switch operates smoothly, even under wet conditions. A testament to superior ergonomics.

Filling the Void: Seamlessly integrates between our Hex Selector Switch and the larger Strike Switch. The Flip Switch is a blend of practicality and convenience. The perfect balance.

Earthen Elegance: Crafted from aluminum, boasting a Flat Dark Earth hue. A visually appealing and functional flip switch. Let your AR platform shine.

What’s Included:

  1. Strike ARSSFLIPFD Flip Switch
  2. Two Shaft Screws
  3. 60/90 Shaft
  4. End Cap
  5. Right Side Flip Switch
  6. Left Side Flip Switch
  7. User Manual

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