Strike ARUDCEFLAG Ultimate Dust Cover Flag AR-15, M4, M16 Black Polymer 3.46″


The Strike ARUDCEFLAG Ultimate Dust Cover Flag provides a custom-tailored fit for your AR-15/M16/M4. Fully adjustable with an engraved flag design, it’s more than just a dust cover. It’s a badge of honor.

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A Shield to Honor

Introducing the Strike ARUDCEFLAG Ultimate Dust Cover Flag. More than just a dust cover, it’s an emblem of your patriotism, crafted for your AR-15, M4, and M16.

Custom-Tailored Fit

No two firearms are exactly alike. That’s why the Strike Ultimate Dust Cover features an adjustable detent set screw. This design lets you compensate for wear on the receiver, so you can increase or decrease the opening power to suit your needs.

Compatibility Plus

The AR Ultimate Dust Cover is designed to play nice with others. It’s fully compatible with AR-15/M16/M4 .223/5.56 and will even fit Billet Uppers. You won’t have to worry about fit or compatibility issues with this upgrade.

Patriotic Symbolism

Etched into the surface of the dust cover is a representation of our national flag. It’s a subtle nod to patriotism, reminding us of the freedom and unity our flag represents.

What’s Included?

  • Strike ARUDCEFLAG Ultimate Dust Cover Flag
  • Dust Cover Spring
  • Pin
  • Iconic Flag Engraving

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