Strike Industries BTGFANGFDE Fang Billet Aluminum Flat Dark Earth Aluminum For AR-Platform


The Strike Industries BTGFANGFDE Fang: a sculpted, billet aluminum trigger guard with a unique Fang design for faster, more consistent reloads. Sports a Flat Dark Earth Aluminum finish.

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Introducing the Strike Industries BTGFANGFDE Fang, a sculpted, billet aluminum trigger guard that is sure to set your AR-platform apart. Crafted meticulously from billet aluminum, this trigger guard boasts superior durability and resilience.

Its distinct Fang design does more than just add aesthetic value. It serves a functional purpose, acting as a guide for the magazine to facilitate faster and more consistent reloads. This ingenious feature enhances your efficiency and performance, particularly in high-pressure situations.

The Fang trigger guard sports a striking Flat Dark Earth Aluminum finish, further setting your rifle apart. This aesthetic accent blends in seamlessly with a range of AR-platform styles.

Upgrade your AR-platform with the Strike Industries Fang Billet Aluminum Trigger Guard for improved performance and unique style.

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