Strike Industries JCOMP2308 JComp Gen 2 Black Steel w/ 5/8″-24 tpi Threads 2.55″ OAL 0.87″ Diameter 0.34″ Diameter 308 Win 7.62x51mm NATO Fits AR-Platform


Elevate your shooting with the Strike Industries JCOMP2308 JComp Gen 2. Boasting increased muzzle rise compensation and compatibility with advanced reduction devices. Perfect for your AR10.

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Redefining Classic Combat

Introducing the Strike Industries JCOMP2308 JComp Gen 2, a reinvention of the classic Japanese Type 89 compensator. Designed for 308 Win and 7.62x51mm NATO AR-Platform, it’s your ultimate partner in precision shooting.

More Muzzle Rise Compensation

The JComp Gen 2 brings an enhanced muzzle rise compensation. It’s all about giving you greater control and accuracy, even in the most challenging of conditions.

Compatible with Cutting-Edge Devices

The JComp Gen 2 isn’t just powerful—it’s adaptable too. It’s compatible with Oppressor and FerFrans concussion reduction devices, offering you increased versatility in your shooting experience.

The Legacy of the J-COMP Concept

Our JComp Gen 2 draws from the legacy of the Type 89 Japanese assault rifle. Used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, Special Security Team units, and the Special Assault Team, it’s a mark of tried-and-tested quality.

Designed for Your AR10

The JComp Gen 2 isn’t just any accessory—it’s tailor-made for your AR10. It integrates seamlessly into your setup, letting you leverage its power to the fullest.

Compact and Efficient

At 2.55″ Overall Length (OAL) and 0.87″ in Diameter, the JComp Gen 2 is compact but potent. It packs a punch without bulking up your AR10.

What’s Included?

  • Strike Industries JCOMP2308 JComp Gen 2
  • 5/8″-24 tpi Threads

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