Strike STRIKEFSFD Modular Stock Viper AR Rifle Flat Dark Earth Polymer


The Strike Industries Modular Fixed Stock offers the perfect blend of a collapsible and fixed stock’s benefits for your AR rifle, featuring customizable Length of Pull and various attachment options.

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The Strike Industries Modular Fixed Stock (MFS) is a revolutionary stock system that combines the adjustability of a collapsible stock with the strength, ergonomics, and solid fit of a fixed stock. This advanced stock is compatible with a standard carbine length receiver extension, and its length of pull can be customized using the included shim set to adjust between 12″ and 14.25″.

The SI MFS provides a unique balance between adaptability and stability, enhancing the usability of your AR rifle. Features of this stock include modular assembly, Snap Hook attachment and sling loop, offering multiple carrying options. It’s designed for mil-spec carbine or the Advanced Receiver Extension 7-Position buffer tubes.

Whether you need a solid and reliable stock for precise shooting, or the versatility to adapt to different shooting situations, the Strike Industries Modular Fixed Stock provides a superior solution for AR rifles.

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