Strike VIPERMFSBK Modular Stock Viper AR Rifle Black Polymer


Transform your AR rifle with the Strike VIPERMFSBK Modular Stock Viper. Combining adjustability, strength, and superior fit, it’s your perfect companion in the field. Upgrade now!

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Strike at the Heart: Presenting the Strike VIPERMFSBK Modular Stock Viper for your AR rifle. Not your regular stock, this piece pairs the flexibility of a collapsible stock with the robustness of a fixed one. Time to amplify your AR.

Modular Magic: Enjoy the ease of a modular assembly. Tailor it to your exact needs. The power to customize, right at your fingertips.

Adjust on the Go: Offering a customizable length of pull from 12″ to 14.25″. It comes with an included shim set. Adjust and adapt as per your comfort. No more compromises.

Strength Meets Ergonomics: Crafted from high-quality black polymer, it balances toughness with comfort. A snug fit for mil-spec carbine or our Advanced Receiver Extension 7-Position buffer tubes. It’s all about precision.

Sling it Easy: Comes equipped with a Snap Hook attachment and sling loop. Carry your AR with ease. Never miss a beat.

What’s Included:

  1. Strike VIPERMFSBK Modular Stock Viper
  2. Shim set
  3. User Manual

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