Wilson Combat 321 Custom Tune Spring Kit S&W J Frame Stainless Steel


The Wilson Combat 321 Custom Tune Spring Kit is designed for S&W J frame revolvers. It includes high-quality springs for superior action tuning, lightening the trigger pull, and improving trigger pull on both single and double-action revolvers.

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Upgrade your revolver with the Wilson Combat 321 Custom Tune Spring Kit designed specifically for the S&W J frame. This kit is devised to conveniently and affordably enhance your revolver’s action and functionality.

The Custom-Tune Spring Kit is equipped with the highest-quality gun springs made from high-tensile spring wire. These springs are curated for the most exceptional action tuning jobs, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced performance of your revolver.

One of the key advantages of this spring kit is its ability to lighten the trigger pull on single-action revolvers. Additionally, it significantly improves both single and double-action trigger pull on double-action revolvers. This enhancement guarantees a more satisfying shooting experience with greater control and accuracy.

Included in this kit is a No. 8 reduced power hammer spring and No. 13, 14, 15 reduced power rebound trigger spring.

Experience the improvement in your S&W J frame revolver’s action and functionality with Wilson Combat’s Custom-Tune Spring Kit.

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