Wilson Combat 7B Slide Release 45 ACP Extended 1911 Matte Blue Steel Handgun


Upgrade your 1911 handgun with the Wilson Combat 7B Slide Release. Designed for faster reloading, this extended release allows you to effortlessly drop the slide using your right thumb. Choose from a sleek matte blue or stainless finish.

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Upgrade your shooting experience with the Wilson Combat 7B Slide Release. This extended slide release, available in a sleek blue or stainless finish, is designed to enhance your control and speed when operating your 1911 handgun. With many shooters favoring the use of their right thumb to drop the slide, this extended release allows for seamless activation without the need for a significant grip change. Time is of the essence during reloading, and this slide release ensures faster and more efficient performance. Specifically designed for .45 ACP caliber, it may require minor fitting to perfectly complement your firearm. Take your shooting to the next level with the Wilson Combat 7B Slide Release.

Key Features:

  • Extended slide release for improved control and speed
  • Available in a stylish matte blue or stainless finish
  • Facilitates slide release activation with the right thumb
  • Minimal grip change required for seamless operation
  • Enhances reloading speed and efficiency
  • Designed for .45 ACP caliber
  • May require minor fitting for optimal performance

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