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Ship your item(s), the order number, and a copy of your driver’s license (if sending the serialized portion of the gun). We have an FFL, so you can ship directly to us and we can ship directly back to you via FedEx or UPS via 2-Day or Overnight only .

Read Terms and Conditions for more details.

Terms & Conditions

For those of you who are local to the SoCal area, lets talk! We can offer appointment based drop offs and typically our turn around times are quick based on our current schedule. To get started, purchase your stipple package online, then call to schedule a drop off.

For those of you who are not in the SoCal area or are out of state, we are excited you found us! What you will need to do is purchase your stipple package online. You can ship us your frame(s) directly (FedEx or UPS via 2-Day or Overnight only) please include a copy of your ID and your order number or also find a local shop willing to ship us your firearm on your behalf. If you are using your local FFL, they can email us at sales@uspatriotarmory.com along with your order number to obtain our shipping address and FFL information. Please print out a copy of your order and your drivers license to include in your shipment. Please also note that your local FFL may charge you a fee to ship your frame above and beyond the shipping cost. CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS your items must be shipped from an FFL.

Average turnaround time once we receive your item(s) to start customization is 2-3 weeks. Holidays and special requests may increase turnaround times.

GLOCK OEM Black Frame Options
  • Basic Laser Stippling (Gen1-5) $199.00 – Includes any pattern on both grip sides only and texture removal service
  • Back Strap Factory Texture Removal / Stipple $35.00
  • Front grip stipple $35 (must also select Finger groove removal for gen 3)
  • Finger Grove Removal $75.00
  • Trigger guard relief cu $45.00
  • Secondary cut $45.00
  • Double Undercut $75.00 – Includes trigger guard relief cut and Secondary undercut
  • Custom Logo Inset $25.00/ PER SIDE (must email vector)
  • Cerakote Frame BEfore Stipple $75.00
  • Cerakote Frame After Stipple $75.00
  • RMR cut slide $100
  • Cerakote slide $75

Basic Stipple Patterns

Custom Cerakote Colors

Custom Cerakote 3 Color Multicams

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