1911 80% Frames

Welcome to the 1911 80% Frames corner – the DIY gun enthusiast’s treasure trove! Here lies a wide selection of 80% completed 1911 frames, ripe for your personal touch.

We cater to all – from the classic admirers seeking a timeless 1911 look, to the avant-garde enthusiasts craving a modern vibe. We’ve got you. Need a compact frame for everyday carry? Or perhaps a full-sized one for competitive shooting? We offer a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Materials? You bet. From robust polymer to top-tier aluminum or even stainless steel. And don’t forget finishes! Whether you’re up for a bare-bone frame for your custom coating or a pre-finished one in black, stainless, or OD green, we’ve got it.

Here’s a peek into our variety: 80% 1911 Aluminum Frame Commander with Standard and Tactical Styles, or the Government variant, both available in .45 ACP or 9mm. Or perhaps a simple 80% 1911 Aluminum Frame. Want steel? Check out the 1911 80% Steel Frame available in 70 Series, Commander, Government, and Officer variants. And the icing on the cake? All under $225.

The allure of our 80% frames? The perfect canvas to create a 1911 that’s uniquely, wholly you. What’s more, they’re fully legal, sans any FFL paperwork.

So, dive in. Find your ideal starting point for your custom 1911 build. It’s not just about owning a gun; it’s about crafting your own firearms legacy. Let the journey begin.


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