Sig Lower Parts

Sig Lower Parts: Your DIY Pistol Upgrade

Yo, gun aficionados! Itching for a pistol upgrade? Say hello to our Sig Lower Parts category.

What’s the deal, you ask? Well, this bad boy has everything you need for that next-level Sig Sauer P320 customization. Fancy a new fire control unit? Check out our OEM unit paired with a lower parts kit. Nifty, right?

But hey, we ain’t stopping there. Got your eye on compatibility? We got ya covered with our P320 compatible lower parts kits. Whether you’re into 9mm, .40, or .357, we’ve got options aplenty.

Now, onto the fun part – the mags. Ready for some extra juice? Check out our P320 X-FIVE Legion 17-round mags. They’re a sight to behold. Or if you’re a P250/P320 Compact fan, our 13rd and 10rd mags might be your cup of tea. And hey, we haven’t forgotten our P320, P250 9mm fans. Get your hands on our 17-round mags for that little extra ‘oomph’.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and pimp out your pistol with our awesome Sig lower parts. Your DIY journey starts right here!


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