80% 1911 Frame Jig Builder Kit Combo

80% 1911 Frame Jig Builder Kit Combo



  • Government or Commander frame
  • Instruction booklet
  • Side plates
  • Carbide cutters
  • Precision Rail Cutter
  • Decking Jig and cutter
  • Steel Drill Inserts
  • Barrel Seat Cutter
Frame Size & Caliber *
Frame Cerakote Color *
Frame Rail *

Tools & Parts.

Jig Barrel Seat Cutter Replacement
Jig Rail Cutter Replacement
Rail Sanding Stone Pro Pack

Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound


Introducing the 80% 1911 Frame Jig Builder Kit Combo . Your All-In-One Custom Gunsmithing Solution!

Unleash your inner gunsmith with our 80% 1911 Frame jig Builder Kit Combo, this is the perfect choice for those looking to complete their stainless steel, steel, or aluminum 80% 1911 frames. Frame and build kits available in .45 ACP, 9mm, 10mm, 40s&w, and even 38super. This comprehensive Tool kit provides you with everything you would need to create and complete several professional- high quality custom 1911 builds like never before.

Our 80% 1911 Frame Jig Builder Kit Combo offers you all the tools you need to get building like a Professional:

  • Pick from Government, Commander frame styles – you can even add multiple frame options and even a Tactical rail for mounting flashlights or flashlight laser combos.
  • Choose what gun caliber you would like to build. .45 ACP frames you can only build .45 ACP Pistols. 9mm frames You can build the following calibers 9mm, 10mm, 40s&w, 38 super.
  • Jig includes instruction booklet
  • Jig includes side plates
  • Jig includes cutting carbide cutters to help the user in precisely cutting the slide rails and barrel seat on any 80% 1911 frame.
  • Jig includes Precision Rail Cutter: Designed for accurate rail cuts, ensuring a perfect fit and smooth operation of frame and slide fitment and operation.
  • Jig includes Decking Jig and cutter to cut the barrel seat. with Steel Drill Inserts & Drill Bits: Achieve consistent and precise frame decking while protecting your jig and frame.
  • Jig includes Steel Drill Inserts on the side plates for long term continual use & Drill Bits for drilling the frame side holes. Drill Bits used .110 Drill Bit, .157 Drill Bit.
  • Jig includes Barrel Seat Cutter: Easily carve the perfect barrel seat with precision and control.
  • Why settle for an ordinary 1911 when you can create a true masterpiece? Our 80% 1911 Tactical Frame Jig builder Kit combo empowers you to achieve expert-level results at a fraction of the cost while having fun and learning. Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by.If you build one 1911 your going to want to build many more custom pistols. So pick-up your new Frame and Jig builder combo kit today and start building the custom 1911 you’ve always dreamed of! Happy Building !!!

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WILL NOT SHIP to the following areas: California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, Washington and Philadelphia, PA. – Our products are not sold or shipped to residents of New Jersey


At US Patriot Armory, we by no means provide legal advice or legal counsel. Every builder needs to research their respective City, State and Federal laws in the area they are ordering from. We DO NOT provide gun-smithing advice. US Patriot Armory is not responsible for improper builds, damage or injury due to user error.

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