Beretta USA J40AA86 A400 Xplor Action 28 Gauge 26″ Barrel 2.75″ 4+1, Bronze Metal Finish, Walnut Stock


The Beretta USA J40AA86 A400 Xplor Action 28 Gauge brings speed, comfort, and durability to your hunting and shooting experiences. Its rapid-fire action and robust construction make it a reliable choice for any shooter.

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Take your hunting and shooting experience to the next level with the Beretta USA J40AA86 A400 Xplor Action. This 28-gauge semi-automatic shotgun is your ideal companion for upland, duck, or deer hunts and clay range shooting.

Fast and Efficient

Equipped with a low-profile, gas-operated action that features Beretta’s advanced Blink technology, the A400 Xplor Action is capable of firing four shells in less than a second, giving you superior speed and a decisive edge.

Rugged and Reliable

The A400 Xplor Action is built to last. It features a blued steel barrel and a bronze-colored receiver for enhanced durability and resilience, ensuring reliable performance in all conditions.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Experience maximum comfort and convenience with the A400 Xplor Action’s walnut stock, which includes a Micro-Core buttpad that helps absorb recoil. The fore-end boasts the Beretta Trident logo, adding an extra touch of style.

What’s Included:

  1. Beretta USA J40AA86 A400 Xplor Action 28 Gauge Shotgun
  2. 26″ Barrel
  3. Bronze Metal Finish
  4. Walnut Stock

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