CMC Triggers 90503 Drop-In Competition Single-Stage Flat Trigger with 2.50 lbs Draw Weight for AR-15/AR-10


Elevate your shooting performance with the CMC Triggers 90503 Competition Single-Stage Flat Trigger. Experience unmatched feel, lightning-fast reset, and fine-tuned pull weight.


Enhance Your Shooting Performance with CMC Triggers

Upgrade your AR-15 or AR-10 with the CMC Triggers 90503 Drop-In Competition Single-Stage Flat Trigger and experience superior feel, break, and precision. This trigger is designed for competitive shooting and delivers exceptional performance.

Unmatched Feel and Break

CMC Triggers has perfected the feel and break of their Single-Stage Drop-in Trigger. You’ll experience a smooth and linear pull, providing you with unmatched control and accuracy. The precise craftsmanship ensures consistent and reliable performance shot after shot.

Lightning Fast Reset

With the CMC Triggers 90503, you’ll benefit from a lightning-fast reset, enabling you to engage multiple targets with ease rapidly. The trigger’s design optimizes lock time, reducing unnecessary delay between shots and enhancing your overall shooting speed.

Flat Trigger Design for Enhanced Control

The flat trigger design of the CMC Triggers 90503 offers improved control and comfort. It provides a wider surface area for your finger, promoting consistent and predictable trigger finger placement. This design feature is favored by many competitive shooters for its ergonomic advantages.

Fine-Tuned Pull Weight

Experience a fine-tuned trigger pull with the CMC Triggers 90503. With a pull weight of 2.50 lbs, this trigger perfectly balances responsiveness and stability. You’ll have precise control over your firearm, allowing you to shoot with confidence and accuracy.

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