CMMG 22BA6AE Bravo Compatible w/ 5.56/ .223 AR Platform Rifles 22 LR 10rd Includes 3 Magazines


Transform your 5.56/.223 AR platform rifle with the CMMG 22BA6AE Bravo Conversion Kit. Includes three 25-round magazines for extended shooting sessions and delivers reliable performance with .22 LR ammunition.

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Upgrade your 5.56/.223 AR platform rifle with the versatile CMMG 22BA6AE Bravo Conversion Kit. This drop-in conversion kit allows you to easily transform your rifle to fire .22 LR ammunition, expanding your shooting options.

Seamless Conversion

The CMMG 22BA6AE Bravo Conversion Kit is designed to be a hassle-free solution. Simply swap out the bolt carrier group from your 5.56/.223 chambered rifle with this conversion kit, and you’ll be ready to shoot .22 LR.

Superior Functionality

For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a round style hammer with the CMMG 22BA6AE Bravo Conversion Kit. Notched hammers may cause function issues, while round style hammers ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Enhanced Magazine Capacity

The conversion kit comes with three 25-round magazines, providing you with ample ammunition capacity for extended shooting sessions. This eliminates the need for frequent reloading and ensures uninterrupted shooting enjoyment.

Reliable Functionality

To ensure reliable functioning, the CMMG 22BA6AE Bravo Conversion Kit is best paired with 36 grain plated nose bullets. These bullets have been proven to deliver excellent function and performance with this conversion kit.


The Bravo Conversion Kit is fully compatible with 5.56/.223 AR platform rifles. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal functionality, allowing you to utilize your existing rifle while enjoying the benefits of .22 LR shooting.

Product Comes With:

  • Bravo Conversion Bolt
  • Three 25-Round Magazine

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