CMMG 55AFF62 Enhanced Field Repair Parts Kit AR15

CMMG 55AFF62 Enhanced Field Repair Parts Kit AR15


Elevate your AR-15’s readiness with CMMG’s 55AFF62 kit. A complete, Mil-Spec field repair set. Tackle any hiccup, anytime.

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pgrade Your Gear: CMMG 55AFF62 Enhanced Field Repair Parts Kit

Introducing the CMMG 55AFF62, an enhanced field repair parts kit for your AR-15. This comprehensive kit contains everything you need for on-the-go adjustments and fixes.

Crafted to Mil-Spec standards, each part in this kit guarantees optimal performance and durability. It’s not just a parts kit. It’s your AR-15’s best companion, ready to tackle any field repair task with ease.

CMMG – Embodying Quality and Precision

CMMG stands synonymous with quality and precision. The 55AFF62 kit echoes that commitment, ensuring your AR-15 operates flawlessly. Choose CMMG. Enhance your AR-15 experience.

What’s Included

  • Three Trigger Springs
  • Two Trigger Pins
  • One Firing Pin
  • One Firing Pin Retaining Pin
  • Two Extractor Springs
  • One Extractor
  • Two Detent Springs

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