CMMG 55AFF75 Lower Parts Kit Pins & Springs AR15

CMMG 55AFF75 Lower Parts Kit Pins & Springs AR15


The CMMG 55AFF75 Lower Parts Kit is a comprehensive set of Mil-Spec quality pins and springs for AR15 lower assembly maintenance.


Keep your AR15 functioning optimally with the CMMG 55AFF75 Lower Parts Kit. This kit provides all the pins and springs you need to maintain your AR15’s lower assembly.

Components and Quality

The Lower Parts Kit includes two trigger pins, three trigger springs, a bolt release roll pin, a trigger guard roll pin, a bolt release detent, two takedown pin springs, two takedown pin detents, a selector lever detent and spring, and a buffer tube detent and spring. All components included in this kit meet or exceed the military specifications (Mil-Spec), ensuring top-quality performance and reliability.


This kit is designed specifically for the AR15 platform, making it a must-have for all AR15 owners and enthusiasts.

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