CMMG 55CA646 Receiver Extension Kit A1 Fixed Black Synthetic for AR-Platform


The CMMG 55CA646 Receiver Extension Kit for the AR-platform includes a buffer assembly, action spring, and A1 rifle-length butt stock assembly. Made of sturdy synthetic materials and suitable for any lower parts kit.

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Upgrade your firearm with the CMMG 55CA646 Receiver Extension Kit. Designed for the AR-platform, it’s perfect for enhancing your rifle’s performance and reliability.


The kit contains three critical components. A rifle buffer assembly that absorbs recoil and keeps the firearm cycling smoothly. A rifle action spring that provides necessary tension for the buffer assembly. Lastly, an A1 rifle-length butt stock assembly that provides stability and comfort while shooting.


The CMMG 55CA646 Receiver Extension Kit can be combined with your choice of lower parts kit, allowing you to customize and complete your lower group according to your preferences.

Material & Finish

Constructed from high-quality synthetic materials and finished in black, the kit adds a durable and sleek addition to your AR-platform.

Product Comes With:

  • Rifle Buffer Assembly
  • Rifle Action Spring
  • A1 Rifle-Length Butt Stock Assembly

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