CMMG 55DA36F Low-Profile Black Chrome Moly Steel

CMMG 55DA36F Low-Profile Black Chrome Moly Steel


Meet the CMMG 55DA36F Low-Profile Gas Block. Made of 4142 chrome moly steel and including installation screws, it’s your ideal choice for performance and durability.

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Introducing the CMMG 55DA36F Low-Profile Gas Block. This beauty is an engineering masterpiece that boasts an array of robust features, from its form to its function.

Meticulously crafted from 4142 Chrome Moly Steel, this gas block pledges strength, longevity, and a trusty performance. Its superior material makes it a stalwart companion to your firearm.

The CMMG 55DA36F features a low-profile design. With a size of .936″, it ensures minimal interference and maximum compatibility. It seamlessly integrates into your firearm for a smooth, flawless operation.

This gas block comes with a stylish black finish. Not only does it add to your firearm’s aesthetic, but it also provides additional resistance against wear and tear.

Installation is a breeze with the included screws. You’ll have your gas block installed and ready to go in no time.

The CMMG 55DA36F Low-Profile Gas Block: an upgrade that pays dividends in performance.

What’s Included?

  1. CMMG 55DA36F Low-Profile Gas Block
  2. Installation Screws

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