Everyone has a cooler, but not everyone has a cooler that can also go up to 20mph! Meet the Cruzin Cooler and it is ready to help you have the most fun ever at your next tailgating event.

The Cruzin Cooler takes a standard cooler and puts it on wheels. These wheels are then powered with a rechargeable battery, so no gas and no noise. We had the original Cruzin Cooler and loved it, but when we got our hands on the all new Cruzin Cooler we loved the upgrades that made it even more fun to drive.

Let’s take a look at some of the Cruzin Cooler features:

  • -800 Electric Brushless Hub Motor
  • -Up To 20 MPH
  • -Removeable 48 Volt LiFePO Battery Pack with Battery Charger
  • -Drink lid for easy access into cooler without getting off the cooler
  • -Mobile Phone Holder with USB Charging Port
  • -Front Steering Suspension
  • -Rear View Mirror
  • -LED Head Light and Tail Light
  • -Weight Capacity 290 lbs.
  • -10” Pneumatic Wheels
  • -Rear Hitch for towing
  • -LED Head Light and Tail Light
  • -Horn
  • -Mobile Phone Holder With USB Charging Port
  • -Front Steering Suspension
  • -Dual Brakes
  • -Three Speed Settings
  • -2 Days Of Ice Retention


The Cruzin Cooler Sport-X LI Scooter is the fastest cooler to ever keep drinks cool! This motorized cooler combines two basic necessities in life, the ability to keep food and beverages cold along with the ability to get somewhere without walking. The speedy Sport-X LI tops out at 20 mph and provides up to 20 miles driving range. It’s lightweight and compact enough to fit into the trunk of most vehicles. The cooler can also be used for a variety of outdoor activities including, fishing, hunting, camping, golfing and tailgating. If the problem is keeping your food and drinks cold, the Cruzin Cooler CZ-HB Sport-X is the funnest solution imaginable!


  • Tailgating
  • Golf Courses
  • Sporting Events
  • Parades
  • Business Promotion
  • & More!
  • MORE POWER, MORE TORQUE – The Cruzin Cooler is back with the brand new Sport-X-LI The Sport-X features an upgraded 800w motor that provides substantially more power and more torque! This means more wheel-spinning power and an upgraded rider capacity of up to 300lbs!
  • FOLDABLE HANDLEBARS – The handlebars for the Sport-X can fold or be removed for easy portability in full sized cars, trucks and SUVs.  At 34″ long, 18″ wide & 26″ tall and only 85 lbs, it makes for a great portable cooler for family vacations, road trips or sporting events.
  • 20MPH TOP SPEED! – The Sport-X LI is capable of a blazing top speed of 20 mph!  It’s equipped with a variable 3-speed controller giving you the ability to set the speed to you’re comfortable with. With 3 speed settings to choose from, you can ride slow and steady or fast and furious, the choice is yours!

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