Del-Ton Inc LP1104 Deluxe Repair Kit AR-15


Ensure optimal AR-15 performance with the Del-Ton Inc LP1104 Deluxe Repair Kit. Comprehensive and easy to use, it’s the perfect maintenance go-to.

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Gear up for the unexpected with the Del-Ton Inc LP1104 Deluxe Repair Kit. Tailored for your AR-15, this kit includes all the springs and pins you might lose or wear out, ensuring your firearm remains in optimal condition.

Contents? Comprehensive. From extractor spring assemblies to selector springs, ejector springs, and buffer detent springs, this kit has it all. No need to fret about springs flying across the room or field.

Usability? Universal. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this kit has something for everyone. It’s the perfect go-to for maintaining your AR-15’s top-notch performance.

Need-to-know? The kit includes firing pin retaining pins, extractor spring assemblies, detent selectors, selector springs, ejector springs, buffer detents, buffer detent springs, detent springs, take-down detents, and extractor O-rings.

Equip yourself with the Del-Ton Inc LP1104 Deluxe Repair Kit. Because an up-to-date AR-15 is a well-performing AR-15.

What’s Included?

  • Firing Pin Retaining Pin (x2)
  • Extractor Spring Assembly (x2)
  • Detent Selector (x2)
  • Selector Spring
  • Ejector Spring (x2)
  • Buffer Detent (x2)
  • Buffer Detent Spring (x2)
  • Detent Spring (x4)
  • Take Down Detent (x4)
  • Extractor O-rings (x2)

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