Ergo 4010BK Ergo 2 AR Grip Made of Suregrip Rubber With Black Textured Finish for AR-15, AR-10


The Ergo 4010BK Ergo 2 AR Grip, made of Suregrip rubber with a textured black finish, offers superior comfort and control for AR-15 or AR-10 users. Features include textured finger grooves, an integral rear upper extension, and a built-in thumb shelf for right-handed users.

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Ergo 4010BK Ergo 2 AR Grip

The Ergo 4010BK Ergo 2 AR Grip is a superior firearm accessory designed to provide maximum comfort and control when using your AR-15 or AR-10. This ergonomically-designed grip is made from Suregrip rubber and features a textured black finish that minimizes slippage, even when wearing gloves.

Textured Finger Grooves

For increased comfort and secure handling, the grip features smooth, textured finger grooves. These grooves enhance grip stability and allow for better control of your firearm during use.

Superior Textured Finishes

The grip is finished with a textured pattern that minimizes the chance of slippage during use. This finish enhances grip stability, particularly when wearing gloves, allowing for safe and comfortable firearm handling.

Supports the Web of Your Hand

The integral rear upper extension supports the web of your hand, promoting correct grip form and reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

Built-in Thumb Shelf

For right-handed users, this model features a built-in thumb shelf. This design element further enhances comfort and control during firearm operation.

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