Ergo 4011BK Original Made of Suregrip Rubber With Black Rhino Hide Finish for AR-15


Enhance your AR-15 experience with the Ergo 4011BK Original Grip. Made from Suregrip Rubber and designed with ergonomically correct finger grooves, it delivers superior control and comfort.

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Meet the grip that changed the game. The Ergo 4011BK Original Grip offers a marriage of form and function, made for the AR-15 platform. This marvel, crafted by Steve Hines, was the first of its kind to prioritize the shooter.

Built from Suregrip Rubber, the Ergo 4011BK offers unparalleled strength and longevity. Its Black Rhino Hide finish isn’t just for looks. It offers improved weapon control, making every shot count.

This grip is not just ergonomic—it’s ergonomically correct. It comes complete with finger grooves, designed to fit your hand like a glove. An integrated rear upper extension cradles the web of your hand, ensuring optimal comfort.

Included with your purchase is the Gapper—an added perk for amplified comfort. Oils and solvents? Not a problem. The Ergo 4011BK Grip is designed to withstand the elements. Choose the Ergo 4011BK Original. Because shooting is more than a sport—it’s an art.

What’s Included?

  1. Ergo 4011BK Original Grip
  2. The Gapper

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