Ergo 4011DE Original Made of Suregrip Rubber With Dark Earth Rhino Hide Finish for AR-15


Discover the first-ever ergonomic, shooter-focused grip, the Ergo 4011DE Original. Designed for superior performance on AR-15 rifles, it features a dark earth Rhino Hide finish. Revel in enhanced control and unparalleled comfort.

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Step up to a new standard with the Ergo 4011DE Original Suregrip Rubber Grip. This first-of-its-kind grip was born out of Steve Hines’ sheer brilliance. Designed exclusively for AR-15 rifles, it boasts a dark earth Rhino Hide finish.

It’s not your regular grip. It’s shooter-focused and ergonomically designed. With this grip, you get more than just a good hold. You get a superior interface between you and your firearm.

Looking for performance? You’ve got it. The Ergo 4011DE sets the bar high for positive grip and unmatched comfort. It’s not just about holding your weapon, it’s about mastering it.

Enjoy the comfort of ergonomically correct finger grooves. Appreciate the support from the integrated rear upper extension. Feel the difference of the superior Rhino Hide texture. It’s resistant to oils and solvents and enhances your weapon control.

Experience the comfort of the Gapper. Your fingers will thank you. This grip isn’t just a tool. It’s a game-changer.

What’s Included?

  1. Ergo 4011DE Original Suregrip Rubber Grip
  2. Gapper for increased comfort

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