Ergo 4045BK Tactical Deluxe Grip Made of Suregrip Rubber With Black Textured Finish for AR-15, AR-10


Get a grip on excellence with the Ergo 4045BK Tactical Deluxe Grip. A shooter-focused design for maximum comfort and control on your AR-15 and AR-10. The Suregrip Rubber provides a firm, steady hold every time.

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Meet the Ergo 4045BK Tactical Deluxe Grip. More than just a grip, it’s a shooter-focused solution for your AR-15 and AR-10.

Let’s talk about design. This grip sports a contoured shape, fitting the human hand like a glove. It’s larger, rounded, and built for maximum comfort and control. All about getting you that perfect shot.

The grip is more than just a steady hold. It’s a tactical tool. The rear upper web support adds a heavier feel, giving you extra stability during those tactical maneuvers.

Our star player here? The Suregrip Rubber. Overmolded and heavily textured, it gives you an unyielding grip in all conditions. An ambidextrous palm swell makes it a snug fit for medium to large hands.

The Ergo 4045BK Tactical Deluxe Grip. Designed for .223 and .308 AR-type firearms, it’s a grip that doesn’t compromise on performance.

What’s Included?

  1. Ergo 4045BK Tactical Deluxe Suregrip Rubber Grip

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