Lower Back IFAK (LB IFAK) Medical Kit Storage

Lower Back IFAK (LB IFAK) Medical Kit Storage


Armored Republic Lower Back IFAK Pouch is perfect for those looking for a multi-function medical kit storage solution.

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The LBIFAK pouch is a two-piece med kit pouch designed to be worn on the belt in the small of the back. A pull on the Hypalon tab removes the insert from the mounting base, giving you immediate access to your IFAK contents (sold separately).

In addition, the mounting base has laser-cut Hypalon so you can attach the pouch to a plate carrier, bag, or other MOLLE-compatible platform using the included MALICE CLIPS®. The LBIFAK is 8.5”x4.5” and weighs only 4 ounces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does IFAK mean? Individual First Aid Kit. The IFAK holds the tools necessary to treat life-threatening bleeding injuries (i.e. gunshot/stab wounds), typically for one person. IFAKs have saved countless lives and are issued in the DOD and most police departments. 
  • What goes in an IFAK?  It depends. Pre-packed IFAK kits will vary but will likely have similar basic items like a tourniquet, emergency bandage, chest seals, compressed gauze, hemostatic agent, non-latex nitrile gloves, trauma shears, marker, etc. A good IFAK will typically address all trauma discussed in the TCCC MARCH algorithm: M-massive hemorrhage, A-airway, R-respiratory, C-circulation, and H-hypothermia.

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