NcStar ACPRLS Compact Laser 5mW Red Laser with 635-655nM Wavelength, Black Finish & Weaver Mount for Compact & Subcompact Pistols


What’s Included

  • NcStar ACPRLS Compact Laser
  • Black-finish Weaver Mount
  • User Manual for Installation and Adjustment
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Meet the NcStar ACPRLS Compact Laser, your compact or subcompact pistol’s best friend. It promises enhanced targeting, windage and elevation control, and an easy on/off switch. It’s your pathway to superior precision. Transform your shooting experience today!

Turn the Tides with the NcStar ACPRLS Compact Laser. If you own a compact or subcompact pistol, this is your missing piece. High precision, enhanced targeting, everything you crave – it’s all wrapped up in this little gadget.

Redefined Precision Featuring a 5mW red laser, the NcStar ACPRLS boasts a potent 635-655nM wavelength. You’re not just shooting in the dark anymore. Your aim, now garnished with superior clarity. Even the blackest nights meet their match.

Mount Up With the black-finish Weaver mount, no Weaver-style accessory rail is out of reach. Compact and subcompact pistols? A perfect fit. This sleek, jet-black attachment effortlessly clamps on. No fuss. No muss.

Full Control Windage and elevation adjustments? Absolutely. This compact laser sight isn’t just about power, it’s about control. The on/off rear cap switch, easily accessible. Your trigger finger turns the tide, on or off.

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