NcStar APRLSMG Compact Laser 5mW Green Laser with 532nM Wavelength, Pressure Switch & Made of Black Anodized Aluminum Includes Weaver Style Clamp


Meet the NcStar APRLSMG Compact Laser – your new secret weapon. Compact yet mighty, this green laser with a universal mount delivers a powerful punch with precise control. Set it up, take aim, and let the aircraft-quality anodized aluminum withstand the roughest games.

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Step up your game with the NcStar APRLSMG Compact Laser. It’s more than just a device, it’s your secret weapon. Powerful, precise, and packed in a compact design – the green laser gives you the edge.

No longer do you need to carry bulky gear. With this compact laser, less really is more. Experience ultimate brightness, beating any previous models hands down. Harness the power of 5mW Green Laser with an optimal 532nM wavelength.

The universal Weaver style mount means you’re covered, whatever firearm you’re packing. Picatinny or Weaver rails? Not a problem, it’ll snug right in. Get your gear on any firearm, without fuss.

But the star of the show is its precision. Adjust for windage and elevation with ease. Just a quick tweak and you’re set. You’ve got a lightning-fast, dead-on laser aiming device.

Worried about placement and control? We’ve got you. The included remote pressure switch gives you the freedom to set up the laser where it suits you best. A quick press and you’re firing – exactly when you need to.

Crafted from aircraft quality anodized aluminum, this laser is tough. It’s built to take a beating and keep on performing. Go on, give it your best shot.

What’s in the Box?

  • NcStar APRLSMG Compact Laser
  • Weaver Style Mount
  • Remote Pressure Switch
  • User Guide

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