Pachmayr 02545 Signature Grip Wraparound Checkered Black Rubber for Colt Officer


Get the edge you need with the Pachmayr 02545 Signature Grip. Designed for Colt Officer, its patented wrap-around design and unique rubber composition provide an unmatched shooting experience. Durable, versatile, and sleek – your perfect shooting companion.

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Step up your shooting game with the Pachmayr 02545 Signature Grip. This isn’t just a grip; it’s a total game changer. Crafted exclusively for Colt Officer firearms, it brings that extra edge you need.

Now, what makes it stand out?

The patented full wrap-around design, first and foremost. It gives you total control and a firm grip on your weapon. And we’re talking super firm. Imagine a grip so tight and steady that it almost becomes an extension of your hand.

And the rubber? It’s no ordinary one. This rubber compound is meticulously crafted for semi-automatic pistols. The result? A feel that’s quintessentially Pachmayr. A sensation that you can’t get anywhere else.

Then there’s the hidden strength within this grip – the built-in steel inserts. They make sure the grip maintains its shape over the long haul. No wear, no tear. It’s built to last.

And let’s not forget the range. It’s available for a wide array of semi-automatic pistols. And each grip is purpose-built for each pistol type. Versatility? Check.

What’s included:

  • 1 x Pachmayr 02545 Signature Grip Wraparound
  • Built-in steel inserts

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