Phase 5 Weapon Systems BCGAR15 Bolt Carrier Group Black Phosphate Stainless Steel AR-15


In your BCGAR15 Package:

  • Bolt Carrier Group (Black Phosphate, Stainless Steel)
  • Cam Pin
  • Firing Pin
  • Gas Key
  • Bolt
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Phase 5 BCGAR15: The Essential Bolt Carrier Group for AR-15

Give your AR-15 a boost with Phase 5’s BCGAR15 Bolt Carrier Group. Offering high-strength stainless steel construction and a resilient black phosphate finish. Ruggedly built, primed for action.

The heart of this bolt carrier group is the heat-treated and chrome-lined inner. This feature guarantees exceptional durability and reliability, even under extreme firing conditions.

Coated in black phosphate, the BCGAR15 resists corrosion, providing a longer lifespan for your AR-15. A fusion of robustness and long-lasting performance.

This isn’t just a bolt carrier – it’s a complete bolt carrier group. It comes with a cam pin, firing pin, gas key, and bolt. Everything you need for a smoother and more efficient shooting experience. All in one neat package.

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