Quick Detach Individual First Aid Kit IFAK

Quick Detach Individual First Aid Kit IFAK


Medical pouches typically fall into general-purpose, tear-away, or expandable pouch designs. The Armored Republic Quick Detachment and Deployable (QD) IFAK combine the best of all worlds with multi-stage deployment and a tear-away feature, mounting to your plate carrier, cummerbund, or any webbed surface and allowing full access to your medical kit immediately.

Material: 500D Cordura Nylon

Dimensions: 6.87″ x 6.5″ x 1.25″

Weight: 1 lb

Malice Clips: Two long (large) malice clips

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The QD IFAK exterior boasts front and side webbing for easy mounting and immediate access to your tourniquet and features a standard Velcro® patch panel. The mounting panel includes a Trauma Shear retention strap and mounting guides.

Once deployed from the closed position, the pouch folds out into a “middle stage” allowing rapid access to your trauma components. The further expansion releases your tear-away medical platform to full length creating an organized and retained display of your IFAK components. The entire platform can be quickly detached in either compact or expanded form for use anywhere your situation requires.

Durable elastic is spaced and sized according to a wide array of common medical and trauma supplies for easy customization and layout. Sections can be organized for medical situations such as Bleeding, Breathing, and Burns. Constructed from genuine 500D Cordura Nylon, and reinforced with heavy-duty Bar-Tack stitching on all webbing. Includes two MALICE CLIPS® for attaching to your MOLLE-compatible platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does IFAK mean? Individual First Aid Kit. The IFAK is typically used for one person to hold the necessary equipment to treat life-threatening bleeding injuries (i.e. gunshot/stab wounds). IFAKs are issued in the DOD and most police departments and have saved countless lives.
  • What goes in an IFAK?  It depends. Most IFAKs will have similar basic items but the contents in prepacked IFAK kits vary. Basic items usually included are a tourniquet, emergency bandage, trauma shears, compressed gauze, hemostatic agent, chest seal, non-latex nitrile gloves, marker etc. A good IFAK will typically address all trauma discussed in the TCCC MARCH algorithm: M-massive hemorrhage, A-airway, R-respiratory, C-circulation, and H-hypothermia.

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