Sig Sauer OEM Slide Completion Kit, Fits the Sig P320

Sig Sauer OEM Slide Completion Kit, Fits the Sig P320

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Sig Sauer, Slide Completion Kit, Fits the Sig P320, Includes Extractor, Extractor Pin, Extractor Spring, Extractor Spring Pin, Striker Group Assembly, and Rear Slide Cap, Black

  • Extractor
  • Extractor Pin
  • Extractor spring
  • Extractor spring pin
  • Striker group assembly
  • Rear slide cap
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All the factory Sig OEM replacement corrosion-resistant parts to complete your P320 slide, minus barrel, sights, and recoil assembly.

Always have a few spare parts on hand in case something goes wrong with the Sig Sauer® Slide Completion Kit for P320™. This factory replacement kit comes with all of the corrosion-resistant parts, not including the barrel, sights, or recoil assembly, needed to complete your P320 slide. This kit includes 1 extractor, 1 extractor pin, 1 extractor spring, 1 extractor spring insert, 1 striker group assembly, and 1 rear slide cap.

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