TacFire SSRK556LPK Lower Parts Kit Unassembled Rifle Kit 223 Rem/5.56x45mm NATO AR Platform Aluminum 1/2″-28 tpi


What’s Inside Your Kit?

  • 16″ 5.56 NATO M4 contour barrel/nitride
  • Birdcage flash hider with crush washer
  • 15″ MLOK free float handguard
  • AR15 5.56/.223/.300 AAC stripped billet upper receiver with M4 feed ramps
  • .556 Mil-Spec charging handle (aluminum with steel latch)
  • AR-15 forward assist and dust cover
  • AR-15 standard receiver end plate
  • Mil-Spec/commercial steel castle nut
  • Aluminum buffer tube
  • AR-15 3 oz buffer with tube spring
  • AR-15 USA made lower parts kit
  • Standard A2 style black pistol grip and A2 style parts
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TacFire SSRK556LPK: Your Top-notch AR Build Kit

Conquer the world of tactical shooting with the TacFire SSRK556LPK Unassembled Rifle Kit. Precision-built for the AR platform, it’s got everything you need to build your custom 223 Rem/5.56x45mm NATO rifle. A choice of champions, and a promise of performance.

Inside, you’ll find a 16-inch, M4 contour barrel, designed for 5.56 NATO rounds. It sports a nitride finish for added durability and a birdcage flash hider to tame your muzzle flash. The kit also includes a crush washer for easy installation.

It features a 15-inch MLOK free-float handguard. This sleek component increases accuracy and keeps your barrel cool under rapid-fire conditions. A lightweight, versatile component to elevate your build.

Your kit houses an AR15 5.56/.223/.300 AAC stripped billet upper receiver. It’s equipped with M4 feed ramps for reliable feeding. Also packed is a .556 Mil-Spec charging handle, made from aluminum and equipped with a steel latch. Built for durability, it’s the heart of your build.

You’ll appreciate the quality of the AR-15 forward assist and dust cover. They’ll keep your action clean and operating smoothly. An AR-15 standard receiver end plate and a Mil-Spec/commercial steel castle nut ensure a secure and stable build.

The buffer tube, made from aluminum, pairs with an AR-15 3 oz buffer and tube spring. These will help manage recoil and improve your shooting experience.

To finish off, your kit includes a standard A2 style black pistol grip, an AR-15 USA made lower parts kit, and an A2 style parts. Sturdy, comfortable, and built to last.

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