Wilson Combat 190 Ultralight Match Trigger Standard 1911 Matte Silver Finish


Step into the winner’s circle with the Wilson Combat 190 Ultralight Match Trigger. Engineered for performance, this ultra-light, ultra-crisp trigger is your shortcut to a competition-grade 1911 Auto. Embrace the excellence.

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Introducing the Wilson Combat 190 Ultralight Match Trigger. This premium offering from the renowned Wilson Custom Shop redefines performance in the world of 1911 Autos.

This masterpiece isn’t just a trigger. It’s a ticket to excellence. Barely tipping the scales at just over 90 grains, the Ultralight Match Trigger is the key to a competition-grade, safe, and ultralight trigger job.

Why settle for the ordinary? Wilson “Tactical” pistols are known for their ultra-crisp trigger pull. This trigger is your path to that hallmark performance.

The pad? Pure perfection, made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Designed to catch the eye, it features a serrated front and Wilson’s signature three-hole skeletonized pattern. All of this draped in a sleek, low luster silver matte finish.

The bow is no less impressive. Crafted from hardened stainless steel, it’s polished to the max to minimize friction against the frame.

Control is in your hands, thanks to an adjustable over travel screw. Tune it to achieve that sweet spot of precision over travel adjustment.

What’s included in the package:

  • Wilson Combat 190 Ultralight Match Trigger
  • Adjustable over travel screw

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