Wilson Combat 414S Bullet Proof Slide Release 45 ACP 1911 Stainless Steel Handgun


Boost your 1911 Auto’s durability with the Wilson Combat 414S Bullet Proof Slide Release. Machined from solid stainless steel and designed for maximum tolerance, this no-fitting, drop-in part is a game-changer. Fits all .45 ACP codes.

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Unleash Your Firepower with the Wilson Combat 414S Bullet Proof Slide Release

Your 1911 Auto takes a real beating. That’s no secret. But here’s a fact you can’t ignore: Slide releases are vulnerable to breakage and wear. That’s where the Wilson Combat 414S Bullet Proof Slide Release enters the frame. Crafted for the .45 ACP, this slide release isn’t your run-of-the-mill accessory.

Why? Because it’s Bullet Proof. Fully machined from robust stainless steel bar stock, this slide release offers remarkable durability. With extra metal left in critical areas, you get an added layer of endurance. But that’s not all.

Built-In Detent and Serrated Top

Check this out. The Bullet Proof Slide Stop packs a built-in detent. A serrated top, too. They’re not just fancy features; they boost the usability of your 1911 Auto. The serrated top offers excellent grip, while the built-in detent ensures smooth operation.

Maximum Tolerance Shaft and No-Fitting Design

What’s more? The Wilson Combat Bullet Proof Slide Release boasts a maximum tolerance shaft. It means better functionality, reliable performance. And here’s the real kicker: It’s a drop-in part. No fitting required. If you’ve got a properly manufactured 1911 Auto, this slide release slides right in.

Perfect for All Codes in .45 ACP

Got a .45 ACP? Good news! This slide release fits all codes. It’s the perfect partner for your handgun, adding value where it counts.

What’s Included

  • Wilson Combat 414S Bullet Proof Slide Release for .45 ACP
  • User manual

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