Wilson Combat 423B Thumb Safety High Ride 1911 Blued Steel Handgun Ambidextrous


Upgrade your 1911 handgun with the Wilson Combat 423B Thumb Safety for enhanced comfort and rapid action. This ambidextrous, blued steel safety provides a comfortable thumb rest and allows for quick operation. Fits models A through O.

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Upgrade your shooting experience with the Wilson Combat 423B Thumb Safety. Designed for those who prefer a high thumb position, this ambidextrous safety offers a comfortable thumb rest that enhances your grip and control. The extended, wide, and downward-angled design provides superior shooter comfort while allowing quick and smooth operation of the safety. Left-handed shooters will especially appreciate the slightly wider lever on the right side. Crafted from blued steel, this thumb safety is built to last. It fits models A through O, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of 1911 handguns. Elevate your shooting performance with Wilson Combat’s premium thumb safety.

What’s Included:

  • Wilson Combat 423B Thumb Safety
  • Installation instructions

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