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18 07, 2023

Understanding Glock 22 OEM (40 S&W) Parts Kits: A Guide for Beginners

July 18th, 2023|Gun Parts Information|

Are you a newbie to guns? Or perhaps a seasoned hobbyist, or even a hands-on gun-fixing expert? Then, it's time to dive into the treasure trove that is a Glock 22 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts Kit. Designed for the .40 S&W Glock 22 pistol, this kit houses a collection of original, factory-made parts. Whether you're keeping your Glock 22 in top shape, looking to spice it up, or planning to craft your own, this kit is your trusty sidekick. What's Inside the Glock 22 OEM Parts Kit? Peek inside a Glock 22 OEM parts kit, and you'll find a plethora of important pieces, each [...]

14 07, 2023

Single Stage vs Two Stage Trigger: Which One Should You Choose?

July 14th, 2023|Gun Parts Information|

Diving deep into the realm of firearms, you'll quickly discover the trigger holds a significant position. It is instrumental in determining the accuracy of a firearm and its overall performance. The most common types you'll encounter in this domain are the single-stage and two-stage triggers, often found in ghost gun kits. Consider the single-stage trigger for a moment. The embodiment of simplicity, it carries a uniform pull weight until, without warning, the trigger breaks. It's a straightforward, no-nonsense component. Now, shift your attention to the two-stage trigger, slightly more intricate in its design. It boasts a distinct feature - a "preparatory" stage or the "take-up." [...]

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