1911 Parts

Unleash the Power of Your 1911: Premium Parts Await

Tune, modify, create. Your journey starts here, in the realm of 1911 parts.

1911 Build Kits

Craft your own masterpiece. Assemble a marvel of precision and power. Our 1911 build kits bring the gunsmith in you to life.

80% Jig Kits & Tag Frame and Jig

Master your crafting skill. With our 80% jig kits and tag frame and jig, every cut is sure, every angle, precise. This isn’t just mechanics, it’s artistry.

80% Aluminum and Steel Frames

Skeletons of strength. Choose the raw prowess of steel or the nimble lightness of aluminum. Crafted for durability, these frames endure.

1911 Lower Parts Kit

A symphony of moving parts, harmonized for perfection. Our 1911 lower parts kit – where reliability meets precision. Bring that smooth action to your 1911.

Stripped Slides

The shell that conceals power. Stripped slides, bare and awaiting your personal touch. Embrace the builder in you.

Built Slides

Precision in a package. Our built slides – engineered for performance, honed for accuracy. Upgrade your 1911, enhance your marksmanship.

Raw Stripped Slides

The blank canvas. The starting line. Raw stripped slides are your ticket to a truly custom 1911. Your firearm, your rules.

Your 1911 is more than a gun. It’s a statement. An extension of you. Tune it. Modify it. Make it uniquely yours.

Our extensive selection of 1911 parts caters to your every need. Step into our world. Your journey to the ultimate 1911 starts here. Step up. Let your 1911 echo your prowess. Embrace the thrill. Dominate the range.

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